The resistance bands give you an amazing leg stretch, that you really just can’t get otherwise.  When I started the ab exercises on the BedGym I felt a burn in core muscles that I never knew I had.  As an aspiring yogi, this excited me. I can see this product being super useful in building the core strength I’ve always dreamed of.  The great part about this product is that it barely takes up any space at all. You can leave each part attached or remove the resistance bands and store them away. If you’re looking to cover the Bed Gym, all you need to do is throw your comforter on your bed. When the bed is made, there’s no way to tell it’s there at all. Having a small room, the lack of clunky equipment is major. In small city apartments or dorm rooms, there’s no spare space for big weights, exercise balls, or treadmills.

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