Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the BedGym for?

The BedGym is for people of all ages and body types!

From fitness and exercise to recovering from an injury, the BedGym can help with your personal wellness goals.

Do you have to be a fitness expert to workout with the BedGym?

No! The BedGym is great for beginners and those who are at advanced fitness levels.

Is there any heavy lifting with the BedGym?

No heavy lifting required! The BedGym utilizes resistance bands, lightweight exercise bands, that provide a low-impact workout in stead of lifting heavy weights!

Are there benefits to exercising on your bed?

Yes! There are many benefits to working out on your bed. The instability of your mattress can help you trigger your core muscles even more, similar to working out on an exercise ball. Also, with The BedGym you don't have to workout on an uncomfortable floor or in a doorway where most fitness band products have to be attached to.

Can you workout your full body with the BedGym?

Yes! With The BedGym you can workout your upper body, lower body, abs, booty, or your full body using all 4 resistance bands at the same time!

Do I have to remove the BedGym to change my sheets?

There is no need to disassemble the BedGym to change your sheets. Simply unfasten the buckle and remove your sheets. Then simply put your new sheets on and re-fasten the buckle, while making sure the belt is secure in its place.

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