Since your bed is an unstable surface, you’re triggering your core muscles more often and burning even more calories!

Introducing the BedGym

The revolutionary BedGym is the first of its kind, an at home fitness product where you exercise from your bed using resistance bands.  


From strength training and Pilates to stretching and physical therapy there are countless exercises you can perform with the BedGym.  You can exercise your upper body, lower body, abs, booty or full body at once using all 4 signature  resistance bands included.

The BedGym is one of the most versatile resistance band products on the market today that doesn’t require you to uncomfortably wrap resistance bands around your feet and wrists or workout in an uncomfortable and inconvenient doorway where most resistance band products need to be attached. 

A standard resistance band gives you only one angle or attachment location, usually on your feet or on a door that constricts your body and limits your range of motion.  The BedGym provides you way more variations of exercises because our patented BedBelt comes with attachment locations that encircles it’s user.  These many attachment locations allow you to work every part of your body by simply attaching the bands to any location, grabbing the handles and ankle straps and effortlessly and seamlessly go from one exercise to another.  Plus, since your bed is an unstable surface, you’re triggering your core muscles more often and burning even more calories, like a stability ball. 

The BedGym is bringing resistance band training to another level.  It's a more functional and convenient way to workout from home and we are so excited for you to try it and experience all it has to offer!


Who is the BedGym for?

The BedGym is for all levels and abilities.  Whether you’re a beginner looking to start a new routine that’s fun and not intimidating or a fitness enthusiast looking to supplement and get that extra edge.

The BedGym is proudly endorsed and supported by doctors, physical therapists, and occupational therapists.  We are also featured on the United Spinal Association’s website and being recommended to people with spinal disabilities.

 With the BedGym, there’s something for everyone and all it takes is a few minutes each day to get a fun, quick workout in.  From the moment you wake up in the morning, until going to bed each night, just grab the bands and get yourself moving.  Now there are no more excuses!





No time?


We know how important your time is and how hard it can be to squeeze in a workout, but with the BedGym it’s never been easier or more convenient to get a quick and fun workout in. From the moment you wake up in the morning, until going to bed each night, just a few minutes is all you need. Grab the bands and get yourself moving! Now there’s no more excuses.

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